What Makes Mobile SEO So Hard?

Ever since the emergence of mobile phones that allowed users to access the internet either through Wi-Fi connections or through the carriers, there have been people who have wanted to tap that potential. A mobile user who accessed the internet previously hardly surfed websites through the phone as internet usage was quite expensive in the early days. However, people now not only access their social networking sites from mobiles but also look to shop online, read online and try to get contacts of different vendors online through their mobiles. There may be a variety of different reasons for this change in behavior but one thing remains for sure and that is the need for webmasters to tap this potential traffic. To get people to visit your website through a mobile device, using mobile SEO is a must. However, for any in-house SEO specialist, a lot of problems make it difficult to get it right.

Getting the Mobile Site Right

Bounce rates are extremely high for the mobile version of a site and this really hurts SEO rankings for mobile websites.

• To put everything present on a desktop site’s homepage on a smaller mobile site is difficult.

• Error in redirecting to a new page does not go down well with users.

Since Google understands that a website which ranks well for desktop websites might not have a good enough mobile version, it offers different results when accessed through a phone as compared to when accessed through a desktop PC. Here, what hurts people the most is the structure of their mobile site. People get their sites wrong and thus, a high bounce rate makes sure that your ranking suffers badly. Webmasters know their desktop website’s homepage gets the best results but translating the entire design into a mobile version is truly difficult. A rather more difficult problem comes with redirecting users. Coding issues sometimes display an error when users get redirected even when the page exists while the fact that they are difficult to troubleshoot compounds the problem. All these issues lead to high bounce rates and a bad ranking as a result.

Incorrect Analytics due to Vague Mobile Definition

Here are the difficulties that are faced in mobile SEO due to non-availability of accurate SEO data:

• The definition of mobile isn’t exact and every analytics company has its own definition.

• One company considers only feature phones to be mobiles while another considers iPads and tablets as mobiles as well.

The data that you get about the traffic and the sources through which the traffic is coming is extremely important for mobile SEO. However, with misplaced data due to a vague definition really creates a head-ache for people trying mobile SEO. Getting data from two analytics companies for your website shows the problem. While one might consider feature phones only as mobile phones, the other might also add traffic data from iPads and other tablets. This creates problems in comparison and thus, makes it difficult to get the projections right. Furthermore, while Google Web Master Tool is a great relief for desktop websites, it doesn’t offer anything for mobile websites and seems confused itself. This makes it all the more problematic.

All in all, mobile SEO isn’t simple and has a lot of inherent issues. Since most people don’t really know about these problems, they continue to get their SEO for mobile wrong and only shoot themselves in the foot as a result. Knowing about these problems can at least make you understand the problems so that you try to find a way to get over them!


Mobile SEO has become extremely important in the ever-changing world of internet. If you want to make sure that your website ranks high for searches made through handheld devices, you would need to get mobile SEO right. The article discusses some of the most pressing problems that make mobile SEO so difficult.

Impactful Social Marketing Tools For Today’s Business

Social marketing plays a crucial role in developing the business entity in the marketplace. It is a very powerful tool which should be employed by most businesses today if they desire success in the market. Social marketing is simply the marketing of products and services via the social media which is a huge platform today with the progressive technologies available to one and all.

Powerful platform

Every business is discovering the power of social media on the Internet. There is a myriad of popular social networking sites with millions of followers or members that prove to be potential leads for businesses. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are some of the more popular social marketing sites that enjoy a growing number of followers every day from across the globe.

With the advanced technologies today, more and more consumers, young or old, are communicating via social marketing sites every day posting a host of information across the globe. The innovative Internet marketers manipulate this platform to their best on the wide range of available features to boost a business. However, it is crucial for businesses to seek out reliable and experienced Internet marketers to service them via media approaches as most business owners may not be too familiar with these online marketing options or do not have the time to indulge into it.

Effective solutions

There is a plethora of cost effective solutions via social media marketing as these social marketing sites open up doors of opportunities to millions of potential leads in various categories. Businesses employing social media marketing can have a field day picking the best of potential leads to increase their customer database and boost their web presence as well as improve their business brand and image easily.

There is a myriad of effective social media marketing tools and techniques to be employed to secure the desired business outcomes, but time and effort are required to gain the favorable results.

There are rules which must be complied with and patience is indeed a virtue of those who employ social marketing approaches in their marketing campaigns. Businesses can consider advertising spots at their favorite social media platforms which may be costly but effective, but this can be a quick solution to gain immediate notice in the web community.

A strong business Facebook page would be an excellent starting point in social marketing and advertising solutions if generated effectively with the best of header image and impressive information that can promote the business subtly.

How to Make Money in Your Sleep Using Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways of making money online is through Affiliate Marketing. If you are well versed with the idea of Affiliate Marketing it can certainly become a perpetual option to make money even in your sleep. There are several techniques which can help you in treading the path of using this technique to make money online but it is a wise idea to focus only on the time tested and modern methods? You will find these further on in this post. However before digging deep into these options let’s understand more about it.

How Affiliate marketing works

In any business you can see someone selling any particular product or service. The businessman simply looks out to cater a specific kind of audience, the target audience. If you are interested in helping the product or services to be sold out in the market you can partner with the said businessman. This is known as becoming affiliated to the business therefore in terms of marketing this business we are now affiliate marketing. For every sale which goes through your efforts (via site or blog) you get a commission, which can range from 0 to 100 percent. The commission would vary from one company to another. You have the option of becoming an affiliate marketer of any niche area you want right from health, sports, dating, food, to anything you are interested in. You will need to promote the products and services with right amount of enthusiasm and gusto.

What are the best ways of making money via affiliate marketing?

There are several ways of making money using this method. Some of the best options include using automated advertising and also the use of popular search engines to market your website which eventually carry the affiliate products or services. Let’s check them both out in detail:

1). Carrying out Affiliate marketing via the automated advertising method

Using automated advertising options for your business can be a dream come true thing for any marketer. This, however, does not mean that these tools will simply allow you sit and enjoy earning money without putting any effort. There are certain tasks and aspects of affiliate marketing which can be automated to start making money out of it. If you have a website or you plan to embark with one you can certainly leverage from the idea of automated advertisements for your marketing programs. These methods are not only a time saving experience but you also end up generating additional money out of it.

Some of the best ways to try in this category are to rely on the on the fly updating and optimizing banner rotators that targets your chosen locations. Using the WOW Trk site you can easily place this kind of banner and automate the advertising part for the affiliate marketing. Then you have another site called Skimlinks, which helps in converting the standard links automatically to your affiliate links along with the text affiliate links. The said site gives you a small script and all you need to do is to add the same over your site to see this happening.

Next comes the domain parking. Using the site Sedo, you have the option of parking certain domains provided you see good amount of traffic out there which eventually help you in making money from these domains. It will also help in placing your ads as per your chosen location. Apart from these, you can also use other automated options like Email Auto Responder, Email Updates through the RSS Feed to help your ads getting placed better and smarter along with little efforts of yours.

2). Carrying out Affiliate marketing via using popular search engines

When it comes to promoting your ads do not just restrict to one search engine, for example, Google. If you are keen to make your affiliate program a big hit then make sure you try out all the popular search engines including Yahoo, Bing, Blekko, MyWebSearch, etc. This will certainly help you in increasing your visibility over a number of potential customers which you may fail to target with one search engine. However the big question is “how would you place your site with your affiliate marketing program smartly over these search engines?” For this you primarily need two basic things. Firstly double check your content and second make sure it is properly optimized with the usual ways of search engine optimization.

There are certain subtle things to note while treading this path. Make sure you use realistic kind of keywords and phrases in your content and title. Check the keyword ratio to avoid keyword stuffing in your content along with adding the important ones in your meta description. Avoid a number of irrelevant meta keywords, also check the navigation, it should be simple, say no to duplicate content, make it interesting and value added.

Google And Other Search Engines Cannot Be Fooled!

Notice! You Cannot Fool Google.

Virtually daily, there are a record amount of people who are actually making an effort to fool Google with SEO. When are they going to know that you simply can not fool Google?

There are actually some instances where folks presume that they have actually misled Google. They feel that one thing that they have done has skyrocketed their internet site to the top of Google’s lists as well as they really believe that they have managed to “stick it to the man.” 9 times out of ten when this occurs, they either performed an SEO treatment that Google allows or perhaps endorses or even they only took place to fill Google’s standards better in comparison to additional websites in their classification without perhaps even discovering it.

Occasionally somebody will actually think of a way to fool Google. They will certainly be actually appreciated a wonderful high location on Google’s lists for maybe perhaps even a number of months, but at that point the end arrives for these happy internet sites. When Google notices that it has actually been scammed, these websites are actually taken out from the mark; in some cases permanent.

The truth is that these folks have not been aware of the power that Google has. Anyone with a true interest in making funds from the internet should consider that buying prohibited programs from scam artists, will get your site eliminated from the search engine rankings.

Apart coming from the truth that Google will remove you coming from its lists, there is an additional reward vs. making an effort towards fool Google. If you fool Google, you are actually tricking your clients.

If you wish your website to be actually located in groups that don’t put on it, try obtaining advertisements on web pages that are actually listed towards the top of the Google directories in these classifications. You may in fact increase your website reputation in Google’s sights instead of harming this by adding another web link to your internet site. This is actually an excellent type of marketing given that it allows you to get out beyond your market just by dispensing a couple of dollars a month.

One of the most prominent approaches of attempting to fool Google’s Page Rank system are link ranches and also link substitutions. Hyperlink ranches are generally sites that exist only to get links to certain websites counted by search engines. Hyperlink substitutions are tons of websites that each income a month to month charge to link to each various other– like hyperlink farms, just a lot more costly and phony. In both instances, the internet sites involved are actually seeking to climb up the positions of Google’s hunt end results by means of the large amount of connected to all of them– this is actually called Google bombing. That doesn’t often work.

Google knows that scammers can easily destroy their online search engine rankings for the rest of us. It goes without saying, if web link ranches blow up the rankings of less-useful Websites, then our team will all start observing worse search engine results page.

This has actually been found recently that Google is actually presently sending out ‘cloak robots’, objecting robots. Text to figure out whether internet sites are ‘masking’– providing a different web page to search engines compared to what site visitors see. These ‘mask bots’ are debatable but appear to have some good results on the Google’s benefits.

Unprofessional methods make it difficult for individuals that are actually making an effort to carry out SEO the correct technique, which is actually one of the main reason why that has to be actually observed so carefully. If people quit looking for ways to manipulate the system, it will be a lot easier to stay up to date with what is actually going on.

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